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Solid Wood Finger Jiont Cutter For Finger Joint Machine

Dia. (mm) Plate(mm) BORE AND PINHOLE(mm) Kerf width (mm) Teeth(z) Jointing Depth(mm) Position
160 6 50(35/40) 1.2 2 19 Middle
160 11 50(35/40) 6.2 2 19 Edge
160 6 50(35/40) 1.5 2 17 Middle
160 11 50(35/40) 6.2 2 17 Edge
1. Sharp cutting 
2. Made from high quality Carbide
3. CNC precision machining 
4. Stable and reliable quality  
1. Finger joint cutters is for the secondary wood working industry.
2. The finger joints are made by means of finger joint cutters. The finger joint bottom is without gaps.
3. The jointing of the single wood sections is made by finger joints. It means bonding shorter sections of lumber into long lumber.
Material and Precision
Universal type
Body Material Precision Grade Body Hardness Carbide
Carbide Hardness Carbide Material Symmetry Control Eccentricity
65Mn H-5 HRC35 21x4.4 HRC90.5°-91° Superfine particles ≤0.05mm ≤0.1mm
75Cr1 H-6 HRC40 24x4.5 HRC91.5°-92° ultra-fine particle ≤0.04mm ≤0.07mm
75Cr1 Import H-7 HRC42 27x4.6 HRC92.5°-93.2° Ceratizit ≤0.04mm ≤0.05mm

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