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120mm Single Scoring Disk Saw Blade For Wood

1. TCT saw blade for wood cutting
2. Straightening / precise cutting & Smooth
3. Long life
4. Power saving
5. Versatile
Scoring circular saw blade are designed for use on panel machines for cutting MDF, HDF, particle board, laminates, and bonded materials. The circular saw blades are made with Ceratizit ultrafine grade carbide tips for longer life.
Selection guides
To ensure optimized performance of the wood cutting blade, users should select the circular saw blade or table saw blade according to the machines’ spindle speed and material feeding speed, as well as the material type. Blade diameter, arbor size, tooth width, and tooth shape should also be considered.
If your board plate is uneven, you can choose Dual scoring cutting saw blade, the width of dual scoring cutting saw blade is fixed, 
but when your borad is solid and soomth, you'd better to choose sing-scoring saw blades, such as bi-laminated board. 
D(mm) Kerf width(mm) Body thickness(mm) d(mm) Z
120 3.0-4.0 2.2 20 24
120 3.0-4.0 2.2 22 24
125 3.0-4.0 2.2 20 24
125 3.0-4.0 2.2 22 24
Suitable for: bi-laminated board scoring, 5° alternative top bevel teeth.
Machine: panel sizing machine, reciprocation and table saw.
Cutting Material: bi-laminated chip board, MDF 

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