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Tungsten Carbide Saw Blades For Melamine Mdf Board Cutting

1. TCT saw blade for wood cutting
2. Straightening / precise cutting & Smooth
3. Long life
4. Power saving
5. Versatile
TCT circular saw blade for wood cutting is a kind of cutting tools with carbide tips. It improves the efficiency of cutting and has good performance, and greatly decrease the material waste and the working time. It uses for cutting soft wood, MDF, Hard wood, Plywood, Laminated, Bi-laminated, Veneered, Chipboard etc.. And types of saw blades are ripping blade, crossing blade, Multi-rip, Scoring, Laminates cutting, Wood composites cutting saw blade with dampening slots, etc.
Selection guides
To ensure optimized performance of the wood cutting blade, users should select the circular saw blade or table saw blade according to the machines’ spindle speed and material feeding speed, as well as the material type. Blade diameter, arbor size, tooth width, and tooth shape should also be considered.
D(mm) Kerf width(mm) Body thickness(mm) d(mm) Z
300 3.2 2.2 30 96
3.2 2.2 30 72
350 3.5 2.5 30 60
3.5 2.5 30 80
3.5 2.5 30 84
3.5 2.5 30 108
Suitable for: Cross Cutting
Machine: Precision horizontal panel saw
Cutting Material: Plywood, MDF, Laminated board, hard wood.
Excellent results and soomth surface.

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