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High-end Type 160x50x4.0x2T-12mm

1. Body Material: Imported 75Cr1 , 42HRC , laser cutting processing technology
2. Carbide Material: Ceratizit, 93.2HRC, Carbide size: 24x4.5mm
3. Adopt overseas advanced automatic gear grinding machine
4. Features: Outer Diameter 210mm, Tip Width 0.75mm, Hook Angle 19°, Top Angle 20°, Side Angle 5°, Eccentricity 38.5mm
5. Application: high speed equipment
6. Suitable For: Laminated timbers and furniture wood. E.g. Rubber, bamboo and other imported timber. 

Dia.(D) Thickness(b) Bore(d) TipWidth(B) Jointing Length
250 .8 50/70 0.75 12

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