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Edge Razor Blade Finger Joint Cutter 11.5 Jointing Depth

1. Body material is 75Cr1, HRC 42~45.
2. The tipped blade selects fine particle alloy, HRC 90~93.5.
3. The electroplated surface can efficiently decrease the heat and deflection during using course, the stainless body also decreases the friction, so the tolerance is small and service time can be prolonged, our products have longer using life than the common.
4. All CNC equipment process, which ensures product side jump & diameter jump error within +-0.02mm.
5. Every finger joint cutter is processed by high-precision balancing equipment to ensure that the balance tollerance is <0.5g.mm/ kg.
6. Apply for: rubber wood timber, bamboo wood timber, imported timber and furniture wood finger jointing, standard finger length 12mm, 9mm, 6mm, suitable for advance imported precision equipment.
ØD(mm) B Plate(mm) d Bore (mm) Teeth(z) Kerf width(mm) Jointing Depth(mm) Position
160 4 50(/35/40/70) 2 0.7 12mm Middle
160 10 2 6.7 12mm Edge
160 4 50(35/40) 2 0.7 9mm Middle
160 10 2 6.7 9mm Edge
160 4 50(35/40) 2 0.7 6mm Middle
160 10 2 6.7 6mm Edge

Application: rubber wood timber, bamboo wood timber, import timber
1. Sharp cutting
2. Made from high quality Carbide
3. CNC precision machining
4. Stable and reliable quality

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