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Ultra Thin Kerf Saw Blade For Multi Ripping Blades Saw Machine

High precision Aluminum processing saw blades
Diameter(mm) Kerf B(mm) Plate b(mm) Bore d (mm) Teeth Z
255 2.6 1.6-3.0 30 36
255 2.6 1.6-3.0 50 36
255 2.6 1.6-3.0 70 36
255 4.0 1.6-3.0 30 30
Material of body
75Cr1, SKS51,65Mn as your choice
Material of tip
Ceratizit from Luxumbourg, or tungsten carbide tip
Production line
Germany Vollmer Grinding CNC mahines
Brand/LablePrivate brand
"AOMJNG", "GANBO" / ODM OEM accepted
Quality level
Middle and high quality& Economic
Working life
Longer using life
Cutting efficiency
Smooth and flat cutting surface, less spurs, extra long lifetime

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