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2015.05 German Hannover Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

Shijiazhuang Huayong Alloy Tool Co., Ltd. will participate in the May 2015 Germany Hannover Woodworking Machinery Exhibition
Germany Hannover Woodworking Machinery Exhibition is the world's leading international event of forestry and wood industry, 2015 Hanover International Forestry Woodworking Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: LIGNA) will be held May 15, 2015 in Hannover, Germany. The exhibition will be held for the first time Woodworking Industry Summit, to expand its wood industry, the function of the window.

The first Woodworking Industry Summit was co-sponsored by the German Hannover Messe and the German Forestry Commission (KWF), which included product demonstrations, paired platforms and forums to build a core platform for the development of international business and dialogue for woodworking companies.
In the exhibition area, exhibitors and organizations from the forestry technology industry, the materials industry, the wood processing industry, the veneer processing industry, the solid wood industry and the paper industry will compete with the international pavilions to showcase innovative products and technology. International Pavilion exhibitors from the rich forest resources in Russia, China, North and South America and other countries and regions.

In addition, the Forum is one of the main elements of the Summit, with the exception of participants who are representatives of the world's major wood industry representatives, representatives of forestry disciplines and government representatives to discuss the latest solutions for forestry technology at this stage. Is the timber harvesting technology, in order to further explore industry trends and problems. The event also provides a platform for participants to share information on how to develop key target markets and how to choose the most appropriate technology for different countries.
I will be the company's main products, woodworking tools products - alloy saw blade, alloy single-chip refers to the knife, PCD saw blade, carpentry row drill, the company's international sales team exhibitors, Quick connector, all kinds of grinding wheel. Please come to the booth.

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