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Hot Sales For Africa Finger Joint Cutter 160x4.2x50 4 Wings

Finger Joint Cutters
1. The professional Huayong finger joint cutter lets you make one of the most incredibly strong side-to-side joints in all wood and wood composites. The tightness of the accurately cut joint
2. Our finger joint cutters are made with precision CNC machines that keep them sharp and give them longer life. 
3. Tight tolerance keeps the finger joints tight.
4. Ideal for beam manufacturers and construction industry. 
5. Excellent results in most materials but ideal on solid wood and coated and uncoated man made material.
Composite special cutter for construction engineering.
Suitable for jointing 5-8 cm construction engineering batten.
Code ØD(mm)
Outer Diameter
Plate Thickness
Top Width Jointing Depth(mm)
F16050424T-12 160 4.2 50(40/70) 0.7 12
F16050424T-15 160 4.2 50(40/70) 0.7 15

Application: jointing 5-8cm construction engineering batten and furniture factory
Carbide Material: Superfine particles
1. Sharp cutting 
2. Made from high quality Carbide
3. CNC precision machining
4. Stable and reliable quality

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