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Multi-blade Saw With Rakers

Multi blades with rakers
High finish cutting surface, suitable for ripping all kinds nature wood ,soft /hard wood.
Anti-kickback fingers maintain safety while limiting chip thickness.
Allowing for a faster ,quieter cut ;
Cooling slots will add on saw blade. Excellent cooling effect.
Deformation will not happen after long time using
Machine: Multi blades table saws.
According to your requirement.
Diameter(mm) Kerf B(mm) Plate b(mm) Bore d (mm) Teeth Z
180 2.0 1.5 40 24T+2
205 2.0 1.5 40 24T+3
230 2.0 1.5 30 36T+3
255 2.2 1.5 50 30T+3
305 2.6 2.1 50 40T+4
350 3.2 2.5 60 36T+4
405 3.0 2.5 60 36T+4
450 4.0 3.0 70 48T+4
High precision Aluminum processing saw blades
Material of body
75Cr1, SKS51,65Mn as your choice
Material of tip
Ceratizit from Luxumbourg, or tungsten carbide tip
Production line
Germany Vollmer Grinding CNC mahines
Brand/LablePrivate brand
"AOMJNG", "GANBO" / ODM OEM accepted
Quality level
Middle and high quality& Economic
Working life
Longer using life
Cutting efficiency
Smooth and flat cutting surface, less spurs, extra long lifetime

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