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Tungsten Carbide Tipped Saw Blade Cutting Aluminum Foil

Main Features
1. Smooth and flat cutting surface,less spurs,extralong lifetime.
2. High hardness, High durability, High precision
Product Application Machine
single,double positive(oblique)cutting machines,saws
Cutting Machine
plastic steel,profiled ALuminum alloy radiator,door,window,cooper alloy and other nonferrous materials.
Diameter(mm) Kerf,b/B(mm) hole diameter(mm) Teeth Number
12inch/300 2.2/3.2 30 120
14inch/350 2.2/3.2 30 120
16inch/400 2.8/3.4 30 100
18inch/450 3.0/4.0 30 100 or 120
20inch/500 3.6/4.4 30 100,120 or 140
24inch/600 3.8/4.6 30 140
Our Service
We suggest clients to test the material chemical elements after receiving goods and compare with samples.
We promise that we will return all the money to you if you find any difference with samples. That's why many customers would like to cooperate with us for long terms.

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