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The reason and solution of the deviation when the saw blade is used.

The reason why the saw blade is used and the solution is to solve the problem. How to solve the problem?

1. The speed of the feed speed will also affect the direction of the feed and reduce the feeding speed.

2. The alloy saw blade is dull, and it can be used after grinding.

The main reasons for the overrunning of the alloy saw blade are:

1. The installation of the alloy saw blade is not positive, which will make the saw blade run to one side.In this case, you need to readjust the saw blade.

2. Deformation of saw blade after barbaric manipulation, and repair with the cutting tool.The new alloy saw blade is passed the qualified inspection at the time of delivery. Generally, there will be no deviation phenomenon. Only after inaccurate use, will the deviation phenomenon be started.

3. Unilateral serrations are severely damaged, with sharpening of damaged serrations with cutting tools.

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Alloy saw blade is blunt, can't cut to do?

Reason: the alloy saw blade is too hard, the power is not enough to cut the saw blade, and the saw blade is not pressed enough.The saw blade is too fast.

Solution: choose alloy saw blade with soft binding agent;Check the transmission belt, voltage and motor;Be sure to use enough and not too large to cut into the pressure.Select the corresponding diameter saw blade according to the instruction manual of the equipment.Hua yong alloy saw blade sharp, is your good choice.

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