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How do you cut plywood without it splintering?

With the increasing demands of users and industry, professional plywood saw blades have been born in the field of plywood cutting.At present, the commonly used standard of plywood saw blades are 250,300 outer diameter saw blades, usually the tooth number is 80T,100T,120T.So what's the difference between plywood saw blades?

Traditional plywood saw blades are generally used to cut the cutting efficiency, but can only be applied to the cutting requirements of plywood processing.So the professional plywood saw blades according to the market demand for the blade profile and cutting efficiency.

alloy blade saw blade

Professional plywood saw blade is composed of two pieces, which is one set.Each saw blade is divided into three left and one right tooth saw blade one and three right one left saw blade.Usually the plywood saw a secondary installation of four pieces, namely two sets.There are eight pieces, four sets of plywood saw blades.

The tooth shape of professional plywood saw blade achieves the precision and smoothness of cutting, and also improves the cutting efficiency, so it is favored by the market.

Common specifications and dimensions of plywood saw blades:

Features: smooth cut surface, no burr.

Saw blade belongs to the alloy saw blade, alloy blade saw blade, the blade of the blade is very small.

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