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alloy circular saw blades supplier

TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPPED alloy alloy circular saw blades:
1.Circular Saw Blades are appliable for cutting hard and soft wood,Engineered wood,aluminium profiles,Plastics etc.
2. Used on circular saw, radial arm saw and table saw machine orpricision panel saw
3. Body: 65Mn or 75Cr1 or SKS51 as steel body .Its cutted in shape by numerical control machine. the internal stress removed, stress deformation will not  happen.
5. The material of the connection between the body and carbide tip is sliver solder.High welding strength and resistance to Welding deformations
6. Automatic cutter grinding. With high precision, the knife edge is smooth and sharp.
7. Our high precision finishing process produces blades with superior cutting ability unsurpassed by traditional blades.The lower resistance stabilizes cutting and give a clean cut surface.
8.The design of saw blade angle and saw blade assembly enable cutting surface to be smooth and noise to be reduced.
we provide 24 inch wood saw blade in china ,if you need that pls contact us.
alloy circular saw blades supplier

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