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Proper use of wood saw blade

At present in many processed wood, man-made plank, aluminum, plastic and other products manufacturers will be used in alloy wood saw blade, it not only can greatly improve our efficiency, but do you know how to properly?

Preparation before use:

1. Equipped with professional processing equipment, the equipment must be equipped with relevant safety devices, such as safety protection cover, overload protection, power off brake and so on.

2. Select the appropriate wood saw blade model according to the requirements of the equipment, not too thin, too large or too small.

3. It is required to be operated by trained professional operators.The operator must wear no metal working clothes, protective goggles, helmet, ear cover, etc.You can't wear gloves, long hair needs to close in the safety helmet, the body can not be tied with a disorderly ribbon, and watch the cuffs, avoid the risk of tension.

wood saw blade

4. The working environment needs to be dry, open and free of obstacles. Other non-staff members should be kept within 5 meters.

Attention in installation:

1. The equipment is in good condition. The spindle has no deformation or abrasion. The motor has good performance and the test is the same.

2. Check whether the saw blade is damaged or distorted.

3. When installing, confirm that the processing direction of the  wood saw blade is consistent with that of the spindle.

4. When installing, notice that the diameter of the flange can not be less than 1/3 of the saw blade, and the flange is consistent with the hole diameter of the saw blade. When installing the clamp, keep it clean. Do not insert the foreign body.

5. 5 minutes before processing, check the rotation direction again, with unbiased pendulum, vibration and skidding.In addition, due to the recovery of metal memory in disk, the performance of the saw blade can be optimized.

Rigorous in use:

1. The feeding direction is in accordance with the direction of the saw blade, preventing the alloy from cracking and broken teeth.

2. The workpiece should be fixed to prevent the workpiece from flying out and the processing effect is not good.

3. Select the appropriate saw blade according to the actual condition (material and thickness) of the workpiece.Avoid the danger of poor machining effect and blade damage.

4. When cutting, the feed is guaranteed to be straight, slow and uniform. Do not violently impact, applying side pressure or curve cutting.

5. Observe the sharpness of the blade at any time during the chip cutting process, and it needs to be sharpened in time to ensure the service life of the saw blade.Do not force the processing, not only the effect is not good, also can affect the blade service life or direct damage saw blade.

6. Ensure that the equipment is clear and unblocked, so as to prevent slag from forming into blocks and affect production and safety.

7. When dry cutting, it is not suitable to continuously process for a long time to prevent the effect of processing and the service life of the saw blade.When wet cutting, be careful to prevent leakage.

8. It is not suitable for long time cutting of materials with high oil content, such as pine wood, to prevent the formation of deformation and alloy shedding.

9. If the metal is cut, professional cooling lubricant should be used to prevent the saw blade from overheating, which will affect the processing effect.

10. During the processing, the vibration or sound is abnormal, the section is rough, the resistance becomes large, and the processing must be stopped immediately.Check the reasons, troubleshoot and prevent accidents.

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