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March, 2018 solstice12 international woodworking machinery tools accessories and materials exhibition in bangalore, India.

India's woodworking machinery industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country's economy.Since India joined the WTO in the early 1990s, the woodworking machinery industry has enjoyed rapid development thanks to easy import controls.

It also contributed to the development of India's timber industry to mechanized mass production and the renewal of the whole industry technology.The boom in India's furniture manufacturing and wood-panelled industries is the result of this shift, and it has contributed to the success of INDIAWOOD.Now INDIAWOOD has become India's most important woodworking machinery fair.Due to the great potential of the Indian market, the original 2 years INDIAWOOD far cannot satisfy the demand of the market, so since 2009 in the northern city of Delhi DELHIWOOD, since INDIAWOOD and DELHIWOOD will be held in bangalore and Delhi turns

Woodworking machinery tools customer visits

Woodworking machinery tools customers visit company products.

3Shijiazhuang huayong alloy tools co., LTD. Exhibition products.

finger joint cutter,

tct saw blade wood,

wood saw ,

24 inch wood saw blade ,

finger joint shaper cutter  The exhibition of products.

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