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Circular Saw Blade For Furniture Wood Tungsten Carbide Steel Cutter

Dia(mm) Arbor(mm) Thickness(mm) Kerf(mm) Teeth No.
180 (7'') 30/25.4 1.8 2.8 40,60
200(8'') 30/25.4 1.8 2.8 40,60
255(10'') 30/25.4 2.0 3.0 60,80,100,120
305(12'') 30/25.4 2.0 3.0 48,60,80,100,120
355(14'') 30/25.4 2.2 3.2 60,80,72,100
405(16'') 30/25.4 2.6 3.5 80,100
455(18'') 30/25.4 3.0 4.0 80,100

body material We use high quality steel plate to ensure good performance and to reduce the huge amount of friction.Laser cut steel plate to remain flat and accurate for years of continuous use.
tips material Micro grain tungsten carbide tips are used to achieve the correct cutting quality and long life characteristic.
teeth brazing Auto brazing machines are set up to get right temperature are teeth placement.The good silver welding material requires brazing at lower temperature to avoid dangerous results when being used.
teeth grinding We carefully research the individual bevel tooth design and tooth combination for each blade according to their use.Auto sharpening phase each angle and make precise to ensure smooth cutting face and effort-saving

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