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aluminum saw blade

Some customers often mention that the aluminum saw blade is not easy to use, the service life is short, the cutting surface of the cut aluminum is not very beautiful, etc. In short, the sawing problem is heavy. Hua Yong Tool has 17 years of experience in the sawing industry and tells you about two types of grounding gas cutting optimization solutions.
1, aluminum saw blade how to choose?
Speed - Cut Non Ferrous Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade
The improper choice of the aluminum saw blade will determine whether the sawing effect is good or not, including the choice of the brand and model of the aluminum saw blade. The outer diameter of the aluminum saw blade depends on the size of the material you are cutting. The number of teeth used depends on the thickness of the material. Of course, here we must focus on the introduction of ultra-thin saw blades. This aluminum saw blade is designed specifically for cutting small pieces of saw blades, but not all devices can be assembled. It requires high accuracy of the machine's spindle to ensure that it is sawing. The phenomenon of yaw does not occur during the process.
Aluminum saw blade model
2, the use of trace oil is also more important
Aluminum saw blade lubrication in the sawing process is very important, should be high-speed operation sawing, aluminum saw blade is easy to heat, if you can not cool in time will lead to aluminum stick blade, a small amount of lubrication device can be a good solution to this problem .
Trace oil
It not only guarantees that the aluminum saw blade can cool the heat during the high-speed sawing process, but also provides lubrication during sawing so that the cutting surface is smooth and bright without burrs. The most important of these lubrications is quasi-dry cutting. The cut aluminum cuts are easy to clean and collect, greatly improving the workshop management.

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