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Carbide saw blades cut aluminum

Carbide saw blades cut aluminum
Hard alloy saw blade is a special saw blade for aluminum cutting machine. It can cut most of aluminum profiles on the market. The effect of cutting is also very good, but it will inevitably encounter some problems during use. For aluminum cutting machine saw blade Different issues should be dealt with accordingly.
Aluminum cutting machine saw blade
Aluminum cutting machine saw blade
I. Analysis and Treatment of Abnormal Sounds

1. If an abnormal sound is found in the special hard alloy saw blade for aluminum cutting machine, it may be caused by an external factor or the excessive deformation of the saw blade caused by excessive external force, thereby triggering a warning.

Carbide saw blades

Treatment plan:
Carbide saw blades were recalibrated.
2. The spindle clearance of the aluminum cutting machine is too large, resulting in bouncing or yawing.
Treatment plan:
Stop the equipment and check to see if it is installed correctly.
3. There are abnormalities in the substrate of the aluminum cutting blade, such as cracks, silencing lines/holes, twisting, irregular attachments, and other materials that may come into contact with the cutting material during cutting.
Treatment plan:

Determine the problem first, and deal with it according to different reasons.

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