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Alloy circular saw blades

Alloy circular saw blades
First, the external factors affecting the quality of the saw blade
Hard high quality Alloy circular saw blades are used as a cutting tool for metal cutting machines. The combination of the two can perform normal cutting work. There will be compatibility or compatibility between the two. If there is an abnormality, it will be Affecting the quality (quality) of the saw blade will also have a bad reflection on the equipment.
1, poor device performance
If the performance of the cutting equipment is poor, various problems will occur during cutting, including friction coefficient, rotating power, etc. In this case, it is very unfavorable for hard alloy rotary saw blades, for example, Insufficient sawing force, slow rotation speed, and unsteadiness caused by unsteadiness between fittings will cause serious damage to hard circular rotary saw blades.

2. The material being cut off is poor

Alloy circular saw blades

The material to be cut is the object directly applied by the hard circular rotary saw blades. The model specifications must be matched properly. This is a basic knowledge. There is also a more important material quality or specification, if it is hard. The material used in the cutting of the  Alloy circular saw blades is very irregular, and even if there are serious irregularities or nails on the top, the saw blade is quite wounded, and the quality of the cut off saw blades is extremely unfavorable. , Usually in this case, either hard or severe Alloy circular saw blades are seriously damaged, or they are directly scrapped!

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