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Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Features and functions

Many people don't know. Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Here is a tool to introduce some of this knowledge to you.

Carbide Tipped Circular Saw

Mainly on the surface of the cylinder or cone, the axis of the milling cutter is perpendicular to the surface of the processed material.

Compared with tungsten carbide saw blade milling cutter, alloy saw blade milling cutter, cutting of high efficiency, cutting surface is relatively smooth, also can with crusty workpieces, so get the favour of many industries.

Carbide Tipped Circular Saw

Alloy saw blade milling cutter is mainly used for vertical milling machine or a horizontal plane and plane milling machine processing steps, and used for processing the material has a more significant effect in a Pacific Ocean, the Angle is 90 ° of the steps of the milling cutter can be wider at the bottom of the milling surface., the plane of the milling cutter for processing materials, cutting blade is more, vice cutting edges and repair the light effect, can processing surface roughness is reduced, so can the cutting material surface, high production efficiency.

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