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2013.09 Vietnam International Woodworking Exhibition

In recent years, Vietnam in the Asian furniture manufacturing industry in a leading position, becoming Asia's leading furniture producer. In the absence of modern manufacturing technology under the conditions of Vietnam Wood and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition as an important platform to continue to meet the needs of the furniture industry, to provide more room for development.
The Vietnamese logs and international woodworking machinery exhibition, which will be held on September 25, 2013, have attracted worldwide attention. According to the previous exhibition data show that the exhibition has attracted exhibitors from 19 countries: China, Denmark, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan , Thailand, the United States, Vietnam and so on. Exhibition effect and influence by the global woodworking machinery enterprises recognized in the global enjoy a high reputation.

Huayong Tool in order to show their latest products, expand their business and communicate with peers. Participated in the Woodworking Machinery Exhibition in Vietnam in September 2013 I exhibited the advantages of our products, mainly woodworking tools, alloy cutting tools. Alloy saw blade and alloy refers to the knife is my company's best-selling products in the domestic market share is high, followed by our company also alloy planer, discarded planer, grinding wheel, alloy drill and quick connector and other products.

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