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TCT saw blade advantages

TCT saw blade advantages
There are two types of TCT saw blades, one is a small tooth, the saw blade is thin, the sawing speed is high, the saw blade has a long service life, about 15-50 square meters; it is a discarded saw blade; one is a large tooth, and the saw blade is thick. Cutting speed is low, suitable for sawing large-size workpieces; blade diameter can reach 2000 mm or more. Saw blade life is generally about 8 square meters, can be grinding 5-10 times.
TCT saw blade has high cutting speed, high cutting efficiency and high work efficiency; TCT saw blade has low deflection and no burrs on the section of sawn steel pipe, which improves workpiece sawing precision and maximizes the service life of TCT saw blade.
tct saw blade
1. Using the cold milling cutting method, the sawing process generates little heat, avoids changes in the internal stress and material organization of the incision section, and at the same time, the TCT blade has a very small pressure on the steel tube and does not cause tube wall tube Mouth deformation.

2. The quality of the cut end face of the workpiece processed by the high-speed steel cold cutting saw is good:

With optimized cutting method, the section after cutting has high precision, no burrs inside and outside, and the cutting surface is smooth and smooth. It does not need follow-up treatment such as flat chamfering (reducing the processing intensity of the next process), saving the process and raw materials; the workpiece will not The high temperature caused by friction changes the material; the operator's fatigue is low and the sawing efficiency is improved; the sawing process has no spark, no dust, and no noise; environmental protection and energy saving.

3, long service life, can use tct saw blade     grinding machine repeatedly repeated grinding teeth, TCT blade life after grinding and the new TCT blade life. Improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

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