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Classification of tct saw blade wood

The quality of the quality of the density of the processed product has an important relationship between the quality and the bad. The correct selection of good quality saw blades for product processing has a major effect on the quality and effectiveness of the product. In addition, choosing a good saw blade not only saves processing time, reduces waste of resources, but also makes it easier for you to complete tasks and save energy.

First, tct saw blade wood according to different material classification: high-speed steel saw blade, solid carbide saw blade, tungsten steel saw blade, insert tooth alloy saw blade, diamond saw blade and so on.

tct saw blade wood

Second, tct saw blade wood According to the application categories: milling cutter blade, machine saw blade, manual saw blade, metal saw blade (aluminum saw blade, copper saw blade, stainless steel saw blade, etc.), circular saw cutting tube Tablets, saw blades for wood, saw blades for stone, saw blades for cutting acrylics, etc.
Third, tct saw blade wood surface coating classification: white steel saw blade (natural color), nitride saw blade (black), titanium blade (gold), chromium nitride (color) and so on.
Fourth, tct saw blade wood saw blade, melamine board, particle board, plywood and other veneer board, select Malaysia, Japan's house, Germany's daedalus saw blade, German music guest saw blade.

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