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Finger Joint Cutter for Wood

We will choose a proper shipping method for clients according to order quantity. Freight will be updated once we know the destination port.
Finger Joint Cutter for Wood:
1. Body steel: K5 steel plate
2. Used on finger-jointers and spindle shaper
3. Amicron Tungsten carbide tip from Luxemburg
4. Brazetec Sandwich soldering flake from Belgium
5. Hard Chrome coated to enhance the intensity and never rust.
6. Combination use by adding or reducing extra cutters
7. wide tip, good self-lock, used for manufacturing furniture and laminated lumber
Machines: joint machine,vertical milling comb machine etc.
Application: mostly applied to those valuable timber like pine,cypress etc.
Advantages: new CP coating technology protect surface from rusted, all tolerance
keep in a fine control.
Delivery time: regular size and keep in stock normally 7days.
Finger Joint Cutter for Wood

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