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professional circular saw blade wood

china circular saw blade wood FEATURES:
The carbide tips are Luxemburg imported alloy and the plate is 75Cr steel. The cutting performance is excellent with long life and low noise

Suitable machine:panel sizing saw machine of Germany HOLZMA,Italy BIESSE and SCM,Austria SCHELLING ect.Cutting materials:double veneer particleboard,MDF,plywood.

1. Advanced production & detection equipments and strict quality control system to ensure quality excellent and stable.

2. High cost effective saw blades with long life helping customer save more money.

3.Plate Chromium electroplating make the blades rust-proof with better appearance.
4. Factory direct sales insure more professional service and timely delivery time.

we provide 24 inch wood saw blade in china ,if you need that pls contact us.

professional circular saw blade wood

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