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Prevent the cracks of the saw blade from running at high speed.

Suggested that the high-grade material material cutting, use thinner hard woodworking drill, ordinary low-grade material material use thicker blade (also need according to the equipment used in the actual situation, high-end equipment with high-end saw blade, low-end equipment with low end of the saw blade).

And some of the more bad of the saw blade, as is often the case, were adopted to increase the thickness to keep blade containment when not disorderly (to ensure the block surface more smooth, block * *), but thicker blade can effectively prevent the side damage is found, at the same time the price, and relatively cheap.

Premise permitting, can choose 1.5 hard woodworking drill, better because of its material production, not random sex is good also, which can save the loss when cutting, can maintain a good block the workpiece quality.

A lot of people will think hard woodworking drill the thinner the better, but in fact it is not, tct saw blade is too thin to trigger when sawing not not disorderly, the price is relatively more expensive, but it is too thick, and fierce for material loss, usually kerf is usually between 1.5 3.0;

tct saw blade

I. some Suggestions on thickness:

If want to in the process of block, block surface more smooth, it is recommended to use teeth between 70-80, the price is relatively high, but if the finish does not need too good, it can choose between 50 to 60 teeth;In theory, the more teeth you have, the smoother the sawing surface will be.

Ii. Suggestions on the number of teeth:

At the time of hard wood was used to drill, we need to pay attention to some basic common sense, whether the price is still the thickness or need to have a number of dimensions, so as to ensure hard woodworking drilling in use process more efficiency.

It in plain English, for the structure of saw blade matrix, and the purpose of the * * is to promotion of metal circular saw blade in sawing not disorderly and capricious, prevents deformation of the saw blades matrix caused by the overheating or blowout topics such as found that reasonable specification use and pay attention to some details, and help produce better promotion value.

A few expansion trough on the saw blades matrix (rift), can increase the heat dissipation effect, use the progress of metal circular saw blade, and what we pay attention to the small circle, is to prevent the saw blade in under the condition of high speed, the crack extension subject.

1. Enhanced heat dissipation

The metal circular saw blade will rotate at high speed to produce a very high temperature when it is cut off. If there is no crack, the blade will be easily deformed (the temperature will pass high and cause expansion).The crack will increase the elongation of the saw blade;

2. Prevent deformation

Cracks on the saw blade basal body is a kind of protective measures, is very simple, such as cement, will be sawing cracks in the pavement by cutting machine, prevent due to temperature changes (principle of heat bilges cold shrink) topic;The fracture of the blade matrix is also unified.

1. Description of the fracture of the blade matrix.

Under normal circumstances, the sawtooth if damaged, can for sharpening or replacement, will not affect the use effect of the whole, while if the saw blades matrix damage means the whole blade will be in block would produce the very not not disorderly, affect the quality of the workpiece sawing and block processing efficiency, even burst or collapse teeth, strictly speaking, must be scrapped.

Metal circular saw blade is composed of two departments sawtooth and matrix, the sawtooth is mainly the detection of metal material is a kind of segment, and the saw blades matrix is carrying a body of the operation of the whole blade also known as the knife plate.

Second, the blade matrix simple:

In the use of metal circular saw blade, you'll find some a few article symmetrical cracks on the saw blades matrix, and terminal and a small circle, the saw blades matrix cracks on main is have not the effect of metal circular saw blade matrix deformation.

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