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Finger joint cutter use Raiders

Finger board will appear "pin eye" reason

Occurrence of pinholes:

finger joint cutter

1. The outer diameter of the entire set of finger joint cutters is not uniform, and the entire set of corrections is required.
2. Machine spindle swing, table vibration, need to check the machine, maintenance equipment
Finger joint joint cutter is not durable
Cause Analysis:
1, finger joint cutter hit the wood scab, suddenly forced to collapse
2, finger joint cutter hits the outside world during operation
3, finger joint cutter is not installed, unstable, jump pendulum
The tooth length measurement made by the customer was found to be 14mm, which was beyond the blade length range of the finger joint cutter. The finger joint length of the finger joint was only 12mm, indicating that the customer did not adjust the mold of the machine.
Finger joint how to match finger joint cutter
Formula: (material thickness - bottom finger joint cutter thickness) / surface finger joint cutter thickness + 1
Example: The thickness of the customer's plate is 73mm. Use 6mm finger joint cutter to splicing. How many one-sided finger joint cutter and how many pieces of the end joint joint cutter?
Face finger joint cutter:(73-9)/3.2=20

Face finger joint cutter: 20 pieces Bottom finger joint cutter: 1 piece

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