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wholesale tct saw blade 300x96t

If you want to wholesale tct saw blade 300x96t,you can choose Shijiazhuang Huayong alloy tools Co. Ltd.Our company has a wealth of experience in the production of this product, we strictly control the quality of our products is worth your trust.

wholesale tct saw blade 300x96t

Tungsten Carbide Tipped, referred to as TCT saw blade.Carbide is tungsten carbide powder (WC) through the cobalt (CO) as a binder, sintered at high temperature from the hard material, also known as tungsten steel. Carbide as a cutter head welded to the round alloy tool steel substrate, it is called carbide saw blade. Suitable for carbide cutting saw the substrate material: 65Mn, 50Mn2V, SK5, SKS51, 75Cr1 and so on. The main welding materials are silver wire and silver solder. The middle layer of silver solder is copper, silver on both sides, so called "sandwich" solder. It mainly eliminates the welding stress and slows the cutting impact. Saws with electronic saw commonly used silver welding welding. Carbide circular saw blade quality depends on the quality of the substrate steel material, carbide cutting head material, welding material fitness and manufacturing process sophistication.

We produce a large number of quality tct saw blades wood, if you are interested in our products, please contact us. We always look forward to working with you!

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