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tct saw blade wood for sale

TCT saw blade wood for sale:
1.Color: Black, blue, orange or stainless steel.
2.Expansion Slot: Laser Cut Expansion Slots allow blade to expand and  contact during heated operation;
3.Noise Reduction Slots: Laser Cut Resin filled noise reduction slots on low noise blades;
4.Precision Tensioned Saw Bodies  ensure distorsion free cutting throughout the life of the blades.
5.Tooth type: Left & Right side bevel teeth, alternate top bevel teeth, trapeziform-flat teeth, flat teeth;

tct saw blade wood for sale

We can provide high quality tct saw blade 300x96t.Our tct saw blade not only achieve high efficiency, durability and longevity, but also be able to cut your products accurately with clean surface. Besides, our saw blades can be applied to cut various kind of materials, such as solid wood, chipboard, MDF board, laminating melamine board, plastic, aluminium and metal. Moreover, we also provide tailor-made services and products upon our clients' special requests.

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