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16 inch wood saw blade for sale

Shijiazhuang Huayong alloy tools Co. Ltd. has high quality 16 inch wood saw blade for sale.Our company has many years of production experience. We know a lot about this industry.

16 inch wood saw blade for sale

Woodworking saw blade diameter diameter of the sub-size. Generally expressed in inches. The following is a common table saw blade specifications:
4 inches = 110MM
6 inch = 150MM
7 inch = 180MM
8 inches = 205MM
9 inch = 230MM
10 inch = 255MM
12 inch = 305MM
14 inches = 355MM
16 inch = 405MM
18 inch = 455MM
20 inch = 500MM

Knowing this is very helpful for us to choose the right tct saw blade for solid wood. We can provide various types of products, if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us now!

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